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Paper on MCTDHB for bosons with internal degrees of freedom published in PRA

The paper derives MCTDHB for bosons with internal structure and demonstrates the existence of composite fragmentation

Paper on MCTDHF and tunneling of fermions published in PRA.

The paper benchmarks MCTDHF and applies it to the dynamics and correlations of fermions tunneling to open space.

Paper on genuine many-body entropy measures published in PRA

The paper studies many-body entropies, correlations, and the emergence of statistical relaxation...

Paper on dependence of fragmentation on range of interactions published in PRA

Fragmentation of bosons in two-dimensional single-trap systems as a probe of the physics of long-range interactions.

Fragmentation and resonance by stirring paper published in JLTP

Stirring at the right frequency leads to resonant response and fragmentation of a 2D system.

Emergence of phantom vortices in the time evolution of the density, natural orbitals, and Sg