Quantum Science and Technology: MCTDH-X software tutorial paper published


We introduce and describe the multiconfigurational time-depenent Hartree for indistinguishable particles (MCTDH-X) software, which is hosted, documented, and distributed at http://ultracold.org.

We give an introduction to the MCTDH-X software via an easy-to-follow tutorial with a focus on accessibility. The illustrated exemplary
problems are hosted at http://ultracold.org/tutorial and consider the physics of a few interacting bosons or
fermions in a double-well potential.

A complete set of input files and scripts to redo all computations in this paper is provided at http://ultracold.org/data/tutorial_input_files.zip, accompanied by tutorial videos at https://tinyurl.com/tjx35sq

Read more at Quantum Science and Technology and arXiv.

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