Input files for Fig. 6

Table S4: Important input variables in the input files for the results shown in Fig. 6 of the main text. In the table, “various” means 1.d0, 10.d0, 50.d0 for different ramping rates. The input variables DIM_MCTDH, NDVR_X, x_initial, x_final, Output_TimeStep are unchanged from the Table S1 and therefore not shown here. The six relaxations #6 - #11 are used as initial states for the propagations #12 - #17, respectively. The input files can be downloaded at
Example N $^{\underline{o}}$ #18 #19 #20 #21
Use in the main text figures     5(g), 6(a-f) 5(h), 6(g-l)
  Initial states Propagations
Input variable names Basic parameters
Morb 10 10 10 10
Npar 6 6 6 6
Job_Prefactor (-1.0d0, 0.0d0) (0.0d0, -1.0d0)
  One-body potential
whichpot HO1D HO1D+td_gauss
parameter1 1.d0 1.d0 1.d0 1.d0
parameter2 0.d0 0.d0 0.d0 0.d0
parameter3 0.d0 0.d0 20.d0 20.d0
parameter4 0.d0 0.d0 various various
parameter5 0.d0 0.d0 0.d0 0.d0
parameter6 0.d0 0.d0 0.5d0 0.5d0
  Two-body interaction
xlambda_0 1.d0 2.d0 1.d0 2.d0
which_interaction gauss regC gauss regC
Interaction_Type 0 4 0 4
Interaction_Parameter1 0.d0 0.1d0 0.d0 0.1d0
Interaction_Parameter2 0.d0 100.d0 0.d0 100.d0
  Initial state, system and integration parameters
Binary_Start_Time 0.d0 (Not relevant) 10.d0
Time_Begin 0.d0 0.d0
Time_Final 10.d0 100.d0
Integration_Stepsize 0.1d0 0.01d0
Coefficients_Integrator DAV MCS
Binary file$^*$ N/A #18 #19