Input files for Fig. 6

Table S5: Important variables in the input files for the analysis used for Sec. III in the main text. This analysis.inp extracts quantities of interest from the computed eigenstates and time-evolutions. The variable SingleShot_Analysis is set as .F. for simulation #13, and .T. for simulations #20 and #21. The input files can be downloaded at
    For relaxations For propagations For propagations
Use in the simulations   (all relaxations) #13,#20,#21 #14-#17
Input variable names Zero body
Time_From Analysis starting time 10.0d0 80.d0 or 100.d0 0.d0
Time_To Analysis final time 10.0d0 80.d0 or 100.d0 100.d0
Time_Points Number of analysis time point 1 1 101
Dilation Resolution in the momentum space 10 10 10
  One body
Density_x Real space density $\rho(x)$ .T. .T. .T.
Density_k Momentum space density $\tilde{\rho}(k)$ .T. .T. .T.
Correlations_X One-body and two-body reduced density matrices .T. .T. .T.
  Many body
SingleShot_Analysis Single shot analysis .T. .T. or .F. .F.
NShots Number of shots 10000 10000 0