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Numerically Exact Many-Body Dynamics of Indistinguishable Particles



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by Axel U. J. Lode and Marios C. Tsatsos


This document is intended to guide any potential user to the installation and use of the MCTDH-X program package. MCTDH-X is a highly efficient numerical algorithm to solve the many-body interacting Schrödinger equation. The present manual describes the basic philosophy and structure of the program and the workflow of the MCTDH-X package. In particular, it explains how to operate and control the main program and the analysis routines from the respective input files.The output of the main program's numerical computations is visualized with bash scripts as images and video files with any desired plotting or data processing program. A description of the usage of predefined scripts is included in the present manual. Multiple computations, such as parameter scans can be automated with the provided ``Monster'' script. Finally, Mercurial, the version management system, is described and development and good programming guidelines are suggested.

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